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What do you think of a way to give back to the community that costs you nothing, nada?

How about giving your favorite non-profit free marketing, printing and/or design? Free to you. Free to your favorite non-profit.

When your company uses Precision Graphics for marketing, design, printing or web services, 10% of your invoice amount will be given to the non-profit of your choice as a credit for any of our marketing, design and printing services.

We call this the COMMUNITY TRIANGLE, providing the non profit and for profit a conduit for change.


The Community Triangle helps nonprofits spend more of their time and money on their mission by awarding them free printing, graphic design, and Web design. Precision Graphics is part of a growing group of businesses that look to the environmental and social contribution they can make in evaluating success.

The Community Triangle helps for-profit businesses benefit nonprofits by awarding them free services from Precision Graphics. Companies have the satisfaction of helping their communities, and the nonprofits can spend more of their time and money on their mission. If you’ve received an invoice from Precision Graphics, please select a nonprofit to receive our services.


Find out more @ theCommunityTriangle.org

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